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The HoneyB Construction Referral Program

Eligibility and Project Value Disclosure:

The referral program is open to all current and past clients, local business partners, and prospective clients, with no need for referrers to register or sign up. This approach ensures ease of participation and encourages more referrals.Important Disclosure: Projects referred must have a minimum value of $10,000 to qualify for the referral program incentives. This threshold is set to maintain the program's focus on substantial, high-quality construction projects.

Referral Process:

Referrals can be made effortlessly by providing the referred individual's or company's contact details to our team via email, phone, or a simple form on our website. This form is designed for convenience, requiring minimal information while capturing the essence of the referral.To further simplify the process, prospective clients can also directly mention the referrer's name when initiating contact with us. This method ensures that referrers are credited for their referrals without any formal process.

Referral Status Tracking:

Our team commits to contacting referred individuals or companies within 48 hours of receiving a referral, upholding our promise of prompt and professional service.We will keep referrers informed about the progress and outcome of their referrals, ensuring they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

Incentive Structure:

The incentive structure is designed to reward successful referrals generously:

  • First referral: $250 discount on their next project or a $100 Visa gift card.
  • Second referral: $500 discount on their next project or a $250 Visa gift card.
  • Third referral (and beyond): $1,000 discount on their next project or a $500 Visa gift card.
  • Special Year-End Bonus: An additional $500 bonus for the top referrer of the year.

Program Promotion:

We will actively promote the referral program across our website, social media platforms, and through email newsletters, ensuring all our clients and partners are aware of how they can participate and benefit.

Monitoring and Feedback:

Ongoing monitoring of the referral program's effectiveness will allow us to gather valuable feedback and make necessary adjustments, ensuring the program remains beneficial for all parties involved.


To conclude, we at HoneyB Construction are deeply grateful for the unwavering support and trust our clients and partners have placed in us over the years. Your contributions have been instrumental in our journey and success. As a token of our appreciation and in our quest to give back to the community that has given us so much, we've streamlined our referral program to make it as accessible and rewarding as possible. This enhancement is a reflection of our commitment not only to grow our network but also to ensure that those who help us expand are recognized and rewarded. Thank you for being a vital part of our story, and we look forward to building even more beautiful, functional spaces together, with your continued support and referrals.