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DB - Full interior Restoration

HoneyB Construction recently took on a challenging home restoration project, stepping in after another general contractor had abandoned the project. Our team was tasked with closing out the project and ensuring that every aspect of the restoration was completed to the highest standards.

This full-scale restoration project encompassed a wide range of elements, including the construction of a new bar, the installation of custom cabinetry, and various repair works throughout the home. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously crafted the cabinetry, ensuring that it met both the aesthetic and functional needs of the homeowner. The new bathroom tiling and kitchen cabinetry were installed with precision, breathing new life into these essential spaces.

One of the highlights of the restoration was the installation of a new fireplace, which serves as a focal point in the living area, adding warmth and elegance to the home.

The most challenging aspect of this project was ensuring that all work, including that done by the previous contractor, was up to code and functioning properly. Our team conducted thorough inspections and made necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and integrity of the home.

HoneyB Construction is proud to have successfully navigated the complexities of this restoration project, delivering a beautifully restored home that exceeds the expectations of our client.

More photos coming soon*