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DD - Attic Ladder Converted into Staircase and decking

HoneyB Construction recently undertook a project to enhance the accessibility and functionality of an attic space by converting an existing attic ladder into a full staircase. This conversion not only provides safer and more convenient access to the attic but also adds an architectural element to the home.

In addition to the staircase conversion, we also focused on reinforcing the attic's structural integrity to accommodate storage needs. Without disturbing the existing Sheetrock, we added 2x12 ceiling joists to create a robust attic deck. This innovative approach allowed us to enhance the strength of the attic floor without the need for extensive demolition work.

The result is a reinforced attic space that offers ample storage opportunities while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the home. The new staircase and strengthened attic deck have transformed the attic into a more functional and accessible area, adding value and convenience to the property. HoneyB Construction is proud to have delivered a project that meets the practical needs of our clients while preserving the beauty of their home.