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AA - Attic Conversion Addition

HoneyB Construction recently completed a transformative project, converting an attic space into a brand-new game room. Our skilled team began by opening the existing wall to create an accessible and seamless entry into the new space. To support the additional loads brought on by this conversion, we expertly ran LVLs (Laminated Veneer Lumber) across the span of the attic, ensuring structural integrity and safety.

Following the installation of the LVLs, we meticulously framed the entire structure, integrating it flawlessly with the existing architecture of the home. Attention to detail was paramount as we tied in the new construction with the original framework, creating a cohesive and harmonious addition.

To bring a sophisticated and modern touch to the game room, we painted the walls in the elegant shade of "Raccoon Fur" by Benjamin Moore. This deep, rich color adds depth and character to the space, making it an inviting and stylish area for entertainment and relaxation.

The finishing touches included tying in the existing trims with the new construction, ensuring a seamless transition between the old and new elements of the home. The result is a beautifully integrated game room that not only enhances the functionality of the attic space but also adds value and appeal to the property. HoneyB Construction is proud to have delivered a project that exceeds expectations and provides our clients with a unique and enjoyable space in their home.