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FG - Exterior Posts Restoration

HoneyB Construction recently undertook a crucial restoration project to address the early stages of termite damage on the exterior posts of a home. Our team of skilled professionals began by carefully bracing the structure to ensure stability and safety throughout the process. This precautionary step was essential to maintain the integrity of the home while the affected posts were removed.

Once the area was secured, we proceeded to remove the compromised posts. Our focus was on minimizing damage and ensuring a smooth transition to the new materials. After the removal, we prepared the original holes for the new posts by filling them with concrete. This not only provided a solid base for the new beams but also added an extra layer of protection against future termite infestation.

With the groundwork set, we then placed the new beams back into position. These beams were carefully selected and treated to resist termite damage, ensuring the longevity and durability of the structure. The restoration was completed with precision and attention to detail, restoring the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the home's exterior. HoneyB Construction is proud to have delivered a solution that not only addresses the immediate issue but also provides long-term protection for the property.