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HoneyB Construction recently completed a unique backyard shed build, tailored to

HoneyB Construction recently completed a unique backyard shed build, tailored to accommodate a sloped terrain. To ensure stability and durability, we installed CMU block piers with concrete footers, creating a solid foundation for the structure. Beneath the shed, we laid down 610 limestone, known for its excellent compaction properties. This thoughtful addition provides a cleaner, more stable environment for any future maintenance work that may be required underneath the shed.

The framing of the shed was meticulously executed, setting the stage for the installation of custom windows and doors. These elements were reclaimed from 100-year-old homes, adding a touch of historical charm and sustainability to the project. The sourcing of some windows and doors from the Green Project in New Orleans further emphasized our commitment to eco-friendly practices and supporting local initiatives.

Once the structure was in place, we installed siding to protect and enhance the exterior. The shed received its first coat of paint, carefully chosen to complement the overall aesthetic of the backyard. To further extend the usable space and add functionality, we constructed a front and side deck, providing a perfect spot for outdoor activities or storage.

The final touch was the installation of a metal roof, chosen for its durability and ability to seamlessly tie in with the design of the shed. This not only adds an element of modernity but also ensures long-lasting protection against the elements.

This custom backyard shed, built on a slope, showcases HoneyB Construction’s ability to adapt to challenging terrains and deliver personalized, functional outdoor structures. With its reclaimed windows and doors, thoughtful design, and sustainable materials, this shed is a testament to our dedication to quality and environmental responsibility.