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GS - Garage Conversion / Stucco Repair

HoneyB Construction successfully transformed an outdated garage door into a stylish and functional window, enhancing the aesthetic and utility of the property. The project began with the demolition of the existing garage door, followed by the construction of a robust concrete chain wall to support the new structure. Our skilled team then framed the opening, ensuring a precise fit for the window installation.

To optimize energy efficiency, we added high-quality insulation to the newly framed area, providing a comfortable indoor environment. The installation of sheathing and housewrap further ensured a weather-resistant barrier, safeguarding the interior from the elements.

The final touch to this renovation was the application of stucco to the entire project site. This not only addressed any pre-existing cracks in the facade but also created a seamless and elegant transition over the newly framed window area. The result was a harmonious blend of form and function, with the new window adding natural light and a modern appeal to the space.

This project exemplifies HoneyB Construction’s commitment to delivering custom construction solutions that meet our clients’ needs while enhancing the beauty and value of their properties.