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The Mystery of the Sinking Pool Deck and the Cracking Concrete!

June 19, 2023
Soil Erosion

Hello there, fabulous friends of HoneyB Construction!

Our team often gets asked some tricky questions about all things construction, and there's one particular pool puzzler that keeps making a splash: Why is the pool deck sinking and causing the concrete to crack? Well, dive in with us, as we take a deep plunge into this mystery and make some waves of knowledge!

A Dip into the Problem

You know how when you're swimming, your body feels lighter because water helps you float? Well, something similar happens to your pool and deck. Over time, water might get under the pool decking and cause the ground to shift—kind of like how you float and move around in the water. This is called "subsiding," and it's like the pool decking's sneaky nemesis.

When subsiding occurs, it causes the pool deck to sink bit by bit. This can lead to the decking concrete cracking, just like how a cookie might crack if you press it too hard. Pretty wild, huh?

Causes and Effects: A Ripple Effect

Just as dropping a pebble into a pond creates ripples, subsiding and cracking are the ripples caused by a couple of "pebbles" dropped in the pond of your pool deck. Some of these mischievous pebbles might be:

  1. Excessive Rain or Leaks: Like your cousin who loves to do cannonballs and make everyone wet, rainwater or a leak can infiltrate the ground beneath your pool deck, making it loose and prone to sinking.
  2. Poor Soil Compaction: Imagine building a sandcastle on the beach. If you don't pat down the sand enough, the castle won't stand tall, right? The same thing happens with the soil under the pool deck. If it's not compacted well, it won't support the deck properly, causing it to sink.

And these troublemakers can cause a few problems, such as:

  1. Cracked Concrete: The sinking pool deck makes the concrete decking unstable, leading to cracks, just like the cracks in an overbaked brownie. Yikes!
  2. Pool Damage: As the deck sinks and concrete cracks, it puts stress on your pool, causing damage and potentially shortening its lifespan.
  3. Safety Hazards: Tripping over uneven surfaces is no fun, and neither is stubbing your toe on a crack. Ouch!

The Superhero in the Story: Preventive Measures

Now, we at HoneyB Construction love a good mystery, but we love solving them even more! Here's how we don our construction capes and help prevent these problems:

  1. Proper Drainage: We install an efficient drainage system around your pool to keep the excessive water away. This is like giving that overenthusiastic cousin of yours a different pool to cannonball in!
  2. Correct Soil Compaction: Our team ensures the soil under your pool deck is compacted correctly. This is like patting the sand just right to make your sandcastle stand tall and proud!
  3. Quality Materials: We use top-notch concrete and reinforcements to provide a robust and stable pool deck. Think of it as using the finest ingredients to bake the perfect, crack-free brownie.

So, next time you see cracks in your pool decking, you'll know what's going on beneath the surface. And remember, HoneyB Construction is always here to dive in and rescue your pool deck from the villainous subsiding and cracking.

Until next time, stay curious and keep making a splash!